Carol Guscott has experienced the


But her story is gripping, compelling,

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Carol's Bio

Carol Guscott is a woman rebuilding her life after surviving a brutal attack.

Alone at her workplace in 1994, two men held Carol at knife point. After

robbing her of money and jewelry, they tied her up helplessly on a recliner

chair, and poured flesh eating acid onto her eyes and face.


In her own country of Jamaica, Carol could not find the medical care her injury required. After four months in the hospital proved no good, Carol walked out of the hospital. Determined to become better, she went on seeing doctors to find healing for her injuries. A year passed, but Carol found no healing.

Prior to the attack, Carol was a budding business woman who saw fabulous success for the future. The attack ruined Caro from the outside, but Carol never felt the way she looked, and never believed the voices that told her that her life was over now that she was blind and totally disfigured.

Unable to get the surgeries she needed in Jamaica, in 1995, Carol travelled to the United States.   Carol has had over 80 surgeries and surgical procedures to restore her sight and reconstruct her face.  The appearance of Carol’s face has definitely improved by the many surgeries, and she has regained and lost her sight four times. “The failures were due to the severity of the damage done to the eyelids—the eyelids were not closing adequately to cause the cornea to thrive. My sweetest, most beguiled early morning dreams were dreams in which I felt good again; my eyes were working and my face was beautiful and I was back at work running my store. Delighted at the prospect,   I wanted to stay in that dream. When I opened my eyes, all was darkness about me. I considered the reality – there could be no going back to the life I had lived.  That was a life I could not return to. What I had taken for granted back then would be impossible without sight. In addition, with the skills gone, life would often be difficult for me.   The acid had removed me from that Carol, and there was no rejoining her.  It is with much sadness that I accepted that the over 80 surgeries and countless treatments and therapies could not put me back together again. I learned things going through the process of restoration of my sight and face that gave me different insights, different sorts of wisdom, and different understanding.”

Carol is still disfigured and blind, and still faces many personal challenges. Yet she has made amazing progress.  Relying heavily on her friends alongside her own incredible determination, Carol discovered writing.  She no longer feels that her blindness and disfigurement define her.  “I can live with blindness and disfigurement; blindness and scars don’t mean I am useless. The only thing I cannot do is see.”

Carol shared her story in newspaper interviews and on television talk shows about the effect of the flesh-eating acid attack on her and her family. Since then, she has begun to actively pursue a career as a motivational writer and speaker.

On the 12th of July, 2011, Carol got her life story published. Carol's book, Face of Hope: was released to great reviews.