Carol Guscott has experienced the


But her story is gripping, compelling,

a must-hear...


Carol's story is beyond unbelievable, she survived, and

survived to tell it. She is an inspirational speaker and author

of the book "Face of Hope." Her story is one of courage,

faith, and inspiration.


Available at: Tate Publishing


Face of Hope: The Carol Guscott Story is for men and women from all walks of life, ages sixteen to ninety-six, who need to understand their own strengths, who want to find help for their own journeys, who seek healing for their own wounds.  Readers may draw parallels as to how the Providence of God can work in their lives, as He has done in her life and is still doing, both in the obvious things as well as in the deep and hidden areas.

Anyone whether feeling discouraged or not anyone can benefit from hearing Carol's amazing story. Everyone who reads it says it is a hard book to put down.

Face of Hope
The Carol Guscott Story
by Carol Guscott

"This book is proof of the power of faith to strengthen us."

Della Reese Lett, actress/singer

'Face Of Hope, is a true will win in your journey of life as you discover God's great, amazing grace!"

Ken Wales, filmmaker/producer

"When Carol came to this country in search of healing, she embarked on a journey not only to repair the physical devastation that had been done to her, but more importantly, to share the healing power of her indomitable spirit. Face of Hope documents that journey and allows us to stand in amazement, to recognize the capacity for resilience in each of us, and to be healed.'

Mim Eichler Rivas, author